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Heinz Senior guarantees incredible results for every single person he works with. If you make the commitment to having Heinz as your coach, you will be working with him personally, and you will not be communicating with anyone else. It is a common trend with online coaches to use a support team to communicate with their clients but Heinz does everything personally. After you register and make the commitment to getting in incredible shape you will be able to communicate with Heinz on a daily basis to ensure that you will be maximizing your results and reaching your full training potential. Heinz prides himself on getting every single person he works with in the best shape possible, in the shortest time frame possible using his own proven and effective methods. actually teaches you how to do things correctly as well.

Heinz teaches you how to program your body for long-term success and he also teaches you all of the most effective and advanced training methods that you will be able to incorporate into your own training for the rest of your life. There is no point getting in incredible shape if the results are not maintainable long term. Anyone can go on a crash diet, anyone can cut all of their calories to drop body fat but if the results are not maintainable long term then you are not doing things correctly and all your hard work will come undone. Heinz uses his own, effective and proven methods that will get you incredible results very fast and you will be able to maintain your results long term because you will not be cutting any corners, you will be doing everything correctly. Heinz has lots of incredible client transformations to back up his training and dieting methods. Throughout the weeks working with Heinz you will have full and exclusive access to Heinz’s entire fitness video gallery which is the most educational fitness platform on the planet ensuring you get the absolute most from your program. Heinz guarantees every single one of his clients that after you complete of his program, you will be in the best shape of your life.

Having Heinz as your coach will be the best decision you have ever made.



Following the perfect meal plan is so important when it comes to seeing results. You can train do all the training in the world but if you aren’t eating the right foods at the right times you will not be maximizing your progress. Heinz will create you a very accurate, easy to follow plan to guarantee you incredible results . If you make the commitment to having Heinz as your coach, you will be working with Heinz personally, and you will not be communicating with anyone else. It is a common trend with online coaches to use a support team to communicate with their clients but Heinz insists that he does everything personally, it is a service that he prides himself on.


Following the correct training program is just as important as following the correct meal plan, they go hand in hand. Heinz will create you a very effective, customized training program that will include the perfect training split for you, it will include the best exercises for you to maximize your results and it will also include your cardio requirements to get rid of any unwanted body fat. Your program will include rest periods between sets, the most effective rep ranges to achieve maximum results and some very advanced ab workouts to ensure your success. You will also have full and exclusive access to Heinz’s entire video gallery so you are able to see exactly how Heinz wants you training and also how to perform all the exercises in your program correctly.


Supplements can be very confusing but very beneficial to your progress if they are used correctly. Heinz will put together your supplement guide that explains all the best supplements that Heinz uses personally, when to use them and how they actually work. If you do not want to use any supplements throughout your program that’s not a problem, supplements are optional and you will still see amazing results with or without them.


Eating to get in shape can often get very repetitive and even though eating the same quality foods on a regular basis will get you very good results, it’s always good to have a few different ideas on how to make your food more enjoyable. The recipe book I will be giving you contains 30 plus different recipes based on the meals I have given you in your program. Dieting to get in shape doesn’t always have to be boring, the meals that are included are delicious and will get you incredible results.


Everyone has different training goals and we all have a specific way we would love to look which is why the cardio requirements will vary from person to person. The program Heinz creates for you will include the most effective forms of cardio for you personally, how long you need to do cardio for and when the best time for you to do it. Everything will be calculated to your personal goals based off the information you give Heinz in your questionnaire. If you follow your meal plan, your training program and you can get your cardio requirements right you will be amazed with what you can achieve in only 20 weeks. Heinz’s program will change your life.


If you have any questions throughout your program you will be able to contact Heinz directly whenever you need and he will ALWAYS get back to you within 24 hours. Heinz will answer every single question you have in depth because he wants you to learn as much as you can whilst working with him so you are able to maintain the results you achieve for the rest of your life. You will not be doing this alone, you will have constant and consistent support throughout the entire duration of your program.



Since we started working out with Heinz Senior everything has changed for the good.
I am amazed how great I feel and how fast my husband and I have seen the results. We have been training with Heinz Senior for the last two months and the outcome is wonderful, we have lost a combined weight of 30 pounds of fat and we look fantastic. We are eating healthy foods and we are dedicating at least one hour of our lives every day to exercise. We have more energy and even though we are eating more than we used to, we are losing all those extra pounds. My body looks leaner and I am getting my curves back. I am not much of a cook but with his support and suggestions, always help us in making the diet more interesting and tasty. In addition, Heinz's workouts are incredible; his knowledge and methods of training will never get you bored.
Stick to their knowledge and guidance and you will be able to reach your goals in a short period of time. Heinz such a great and inspiring person and we are so glad that we found him because they definitively have taught us how to adjust to our new and healthier way of living.


Aly Marchan
Today I want to tell you about my experience as a client of Heinz Senior who I think is a great professional in the world of Fitness and Bodybuilding.
He gives me the guidance in everything that has to do with my Supplementation, Food and Training, of which I feel super grateful for finding him and his incredible knowledge that is helping me to continue with my healthy lifestyle, and thus improve my physical conditions, physical condition that I have been improving very quickly due to all this orientation and its strong and intensive training that demand a lot of resistance, strength and perseverance. With a lot of property I can say that he is an excellent Personal Trainer not only for his knowledge and experiences, but also as a person since he is a great help and also a motivating person, Heinz: you transmit to me in every workout that I can never give up, that always I can a little more than what I believe I can, it is a great support for each of his athletes because he puts everything we need at hand and is always there to support us in everything we need to continue to achieve our goals. Thank you so much coach!


Cesar started with us with just one goal, GET IN SHAPE!!!! and he really got it.
With only 24 years old he started suffering all kind of problems coming from his extreme obesity, compromising his health and social life as well.
I have planned his workouts very carefully with the Super Slow training Technique to increase his muscle mass and metabolism and burn fat.
After two months training him very carefully to get his body (joints, muscles, tendons and cardiopulmonary system) used to the exercises, he started doing cardio progressively until he got to enjoy one hour of cardio every single day.
FROM 343 POUNDS TO 264 POUNDS IN A 6 MONTH PERIOD, TO 189 POUNDS IN A ONE YEAR PERIOD AND YOU WONT BELIEVE IT!!! HE WAS EATING 6 TO 7 MEALS A DAY, HE WAS NEVER HUNGRY!!! Here is Cesar after 2 years, sorry happy Cesar with new life, new body, new job, new girlfriend and HEALTHY!!!

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Something I pride myself on is my ability to be able to work harder than anyone else on a consistent, long term basis. The reason I am able to work so hard, maintain good energy levels, maximise my body’s recovery time and look and feel my best all the time comes down to the way I treat my body. In this Ebook i break down and discuss all of tips and techniques I personally use to make sure my body is performing at its peak 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are able to perform at a higher level on a day to day basis, whilst feeling your best, whilst recovering faster than everyone else you are going to be able to take your life to a whole new level just by making a few small changes. Take the time to learn the information I am teaching you in this ebook because if you use it correctly it will change your life.

Your Delicious Clean Eating Recipe Ebook

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Finding an even balance between eating to get in shape, performing at your best and enjoying your food all at the same time can often get very repetitive and very boring so it’s always a good idea to have a few different staple recipes you can turn to, too make eating healthy more enjoyable. I have created an ebook containing 30 of my absolute favourite recipes I eat on a regular basis to look, feel and perform at my absolute best. If you are struggling to find different ways to enjoy your food whilst trying to eat healthy, my delicious clean eating recipe book is going to solve that problem for you.are going to be able to take your life to a whole new level just by making a few small changes. Take the time to learn the information I am teaching you in this ebook because if you use it correctly it will change your life.



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